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Young children are more in need of guidance. YDC aims for children’s success in grade 1 at school by ensuring fully prepared. YDC curriculum offers the chance to improve their academic, social, emotional, and intelligent skills. YDC provides the finest quality of the unique programs to kindergarten children to adapt well and to be successful in primary school.


The elementary students have a lot of school subjects. The implicit goal of YDC programs is how to make learning is exciting and valuable. YDC program mentors provide excellent guidelines in order to achieve students’ tasks such as motivation, accomplishment, hard work, and collaboration.

Middle & High School

YDC believes that middle and high school students are having a key period in their life. YDC programs offer opportunities to expand on students’ learning skills. Our mentors also provide counseling about their future concerns in a university or college.

Post-secondary & Adult

YDC aims to reach the life success of every student and adult by helping them achieve their accomplishments. The most challenging part is to overcome barriers in our lives. YDC programs provide excellent personal consulting services in various languages and a variety of subjects.

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