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CEO's Message

In 2013, our family arrived in Canada. I was a mathematics teacher for over 20 years in my home country. As a teacher, I always believe that the timing for learning is the most important factor. I thought that I would happily study in college again and my children could assimilate into Canadian education well when I began a new life with my family in Canada. However, as a newcomer, I realized that our primary goal was hard to achieve. Not only my children but also others had difficulties building future academic plans by themselves. As time flows, I noticed that most of us wanted to have information from someone else who had previous experiences. I met many students who had had to change their majors because the programs were not fit with their educational interests.

Even though parents knew education is the most priority, they should have to adapt to a new country while supporting their families. It leads them to focus on living rather than educate their children. Also, it is hard for them to find someone who gives academic guides to their children. The most significant element in education is the proper timing.

I believe it is important to have specialized mentors from kindergarten to adulthood to guide and provide clear paths to your goals.

This is what inspired me to found a Non-Profit Organization, which is named “Youth Dream Canada” that was established in 2019. YDC mentors will provide the best guidance to children, adolescents, post-secondary students, and their parents.

If you want to achieve your goal, let’s start it right now! Our mentors are here for you.

Jessica S. Moon

Coordinators’ story

Ahyon is passionate about helping people in need. Ahyon has been involved in community support for many years including both volunteer and work experience. Ahyon joined YDC not only to help children academically but also to help them feel integrated and empowered.

Elizabeth Ahyon. K Coordinator

I am also one of the students who immigrated to Canada in childhood. Formerly, I lost my mind about what to do in the future. After various experiences, I successfully graduated in Accounting and continuing Kinesiology as a new major. If even the smallest things are helpful, I and YDC are here for you.

Jennifer J. P Coordinator

A Passionate Communicator, Designer, Artist I am a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree in International Relations. With the combination of my academic knowledge of global affairs, I seek out to contribute to connecting the world closer throughout various communication methods.

Caroline S. Bae Coordinator

Ji Hae Lee is a second-year undergraduate studying Children, Childhood, and Youth Studies at York University. She plans to become a social worker, specializing in helping children and youth from immigrant backgrounds feel at home in Canada. Her favourite hobbies are reading the latest web-toon, drawing, and crocheting.

Ji Hae Lee Coordinator

I am a post-secondary student in Canada and currently attending University of Toronto. Throughout the time I spent in Canada from 2013, I have experienced lots of hardships as a new-comer in Canada and a high school student. I want to share my experience with people who are struggling with their current situation. I will be a mentor and a good-listener if someone needs me.

Henry H. P Coordinator

Hi there, I am a bilingual speaker, fluent in both Mandarin and English. I have stayed in Canada since 2015 and had the experience of being an international student and a domestic student. Therefore, I am familiar with the immigration information of Ontario as well. During the past 5 years, I lived in 2 different cities in Canada, which are St. Catharines and Toronto. I gained a Master's degree and Advanced Diploma and currently pursuing a Bcom from York University. Meanwhile, I had 2 years of working experience related to customer service. I am a good listener, problem-solver, and enjoy helping others. Therefore, I participated in some volunteer jobs both in China and Canada. I would like to share all of my experiences with anyone confusing and puzzling as a newcomer to Canada.

Eva Z. Ye Coordinator

Hi, I’m Sophia. It’s very honored that I can join YDC. Since I came to Canada, there were a lot of things that I don’t know. Every time I faced a difficulty, I wished I have someone who can lead me the right way. Today, I would love to share my vision with YDC and wish our vision will be helpful for youth people to build up their path.

Sophia Oh Coordinator

Hello. Nice to meet you. I don't have many talents, but I applied for this because I wanted to be with everyone in good things. I studied music. I like children and I love to teach. Thank you!!

Jiin Hwang Coordinator

There are times in my life when I look back and wonder if I would have been better off should I have had a mentor when growing up. Life in Canada, especially if you are from a foreign country, is full of challenges. Decisions must be made every now and then, and it's hard for new residents to make the right - or rather the easier - choices. The educational path and the work culture in Canada is vastly different from those in Asia and it's costly for new residents to make the important decisions in life under the mindset of their home countries. I have lived in four different countries - Korea, Australia, China, and Canada - and am able to relate to the struggles of new residents. I am dedicated to sharing my experience to help new residents with successful assimilation.

Eric J. Yang Coordinator