Welcome to Youth Dream Canada!

How We Work

COVID-19 has globally impacted the lives of citizens. YDC acknowledges many children and adults have struggled in adapting to the new normal both educationally and socially. YDC leads virtual programs such as mentoring, social gatherings, and information sessions because we believe students’ academic successes should be supported as a priority even in unprecedented times.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs for 

  • newcomer youth;  
  • youth: school programs, etc;
  • pre-/post-secondary students: future academic plans, etc;
  • adults: career information, etc.

Linguistic Programs

Linguistic (English, French, Chinese, & Korean, etc.) programs for global citizens by

  • develop language skills; 
  • meet your interests;
  • build up your career.

Communication Programs

Communication programs to eliminate intergenerational conflicts with

  • enhance communication; 
  • understand and support each other;
  • improve the relationship.