Drama & Acting

Acting Mentorship

Drama and acting skills are more than for just performers – gain confidence, reading comprehension, body awareness, voice projection, and so much more!

Learn about acting in a safe one-on-one environment with a professionally trained actor and director. Explore script reading, movement, performance and form!

3 variations available:

Beginner – grades 4 to 6

  • Focus on idea exploration, discussion, and comprehension

Intermediate – grades 7 to 9

  • Technique, form, and idea exploration

Advanced – grades 10 to 12

  • Combines technique, exploration, script reading, and personal exploration


Working together, we will learn about acting techniques by studying media like movies and plays, both through script and performance. We will delve into your interests and customize the program based on YOU. For example, it’s up to you if we focus on contemporary or classic works, or both!

After some introductory learning and discussion, mentees will set their own goal. Some examples:

  • Gain confidence for public speaking
  • Improve voice projection
  • Confidently perform a 2 minute monologue
  • Understand script reading through Actions and Beats
  • Gain a foundation in acting principles
Please visit http://ydcuni.com or email us at info@ydcuni.com / youthdreamcanada@gmail.com for more information.

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